Alice and the Mad Tea Party Slot Machine

by Alan Karre Jr on August 21, 2011

Have you been to the casino recently and viewed others or maybe had the luxury yourself on playing the new Alice and the Mad Tea Party Slot Machine ? I find this slot to be interesting and packed full of unique bonuses and money to be made. I never had the opportunity to play the Alice slot while I was at my local casino do to it being played constantly. I wanted to learn more about it and came up with some interesting information regarding it. If you take a look at this bonus round you will see the great winnings that can be done even if your only wagering the bare minimum of 50 cents.

As You can see from the video Diana published there is several unique bonus round available. The Super Mad Respin Feature offers random and selected wilds while the reel is spinning in the bonus round. This can turn into fast and large cash quickly! Also the Free Spins Bonus offers multipliers on each and every free spin while playing the bonus round.  While playing Alice and the mad tea slot it keeps the player active and involved in the game so it is quite addicting. Overall I have to grade this slot machine as an A type of slot machine. You can play this slot for hours and not break the bank and there is a great possibility you can actually earn some nice winnings from it to.

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